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Wedding Shoe Dyeing in

San Antonio, Texas

Wedding Shoe and Custom Dyeing by Cobblestone Shoe Hospital, San Antonio

Traditional. Vintage. Rustic. DIY.

Shoes to Match Your Dream Wedding.

Pick a color. Any color. Really!


Send in a swatch of fabric or cut-out from a magazine and we’ll color-match and dye any light-colored leather or fabric dyeable shoe that tickles your fancy.


High heels, strappy sandals, or western boots. They all look stunning with a wedding dress. Just imagine them in color!

Custom colored shoes make any special event even more magical. Let Cobblestone Shoe Hospital make your perfect outfit pop with a splash of color with dye-to-match shoes that are as one-of-a-kind as you.


We can custom blend colors to match your dream dress, sash or belt, accessories, or any other accessory you find.


We’ll also color your clutches and handbags for any special occasion - or really any time you’re in need of a change. A new color can make an old purse runway ready in an instant.

Cobblestone Shoe Hospital will make your color dreams come true!

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