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Western Boots


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Work, Hiking, Military

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Men's Boot Repair

in San Antonio, Texas

Men's Boot Repair by Cobblestone Shoe Hospital, San Antonio

Hiking. Construction. Military. Safety.

Boots Made for Work or Play.

Finding the perfect pair of boots isn't easy, and it's even harder to break them in just right and make them fit like a glove.


Once you do, you want them to last forever. And they can.


The craftsmen at Cobblestone Shoe Hospital know how to re-craft and restore your favorite boots just as the brands originally manufactured them. 


We’ll make all your boots look new - but still feel like the "broken in", tough and incredibly comfortable pair you’ve grown to love.

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The sole and heel play a surprisingly important role in the integrity and longevity of your boots. They are installed not only as a pad and cushion between the ground and your feet, but also to protect the boot upper structure.


When soles are heavily worn at the toe or sides of a boot, it’s likely that the upper itself is getting scuffed and damaged with each step. For obvious reasons, this indicates that its time to talk to a cobbler!

Take those boots off posthaste and hand them over to Cobblestone Shoe Hospital! We can fix 99.9% of all boot damage and get those favorites back on your feet for lots more miles.

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Men's Boots
Western Boots

Western Boots, Cowboys Boots, Ropers, Square-toe, etc

Dress Boots

Chukkas, Chelseas, Lace-ups, Slip-ons, Oxford, Loafers, etc

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Work, Hiking, Military

Timberlands, Steel-toe, Safety, Work, Lace-ups, Hiking, etc

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