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Purse Strap & Handle Repair

Over time, stitching can wear down and begin to break in the handles and straps of your pack. And in extreme cases, teething puppies have been known to destroy a perfectly good strap. Not to worry! We can re-stitch and repair torn handles and straps using a large variety of colored polyester threads to not only match your favorite stitch, but to provide the greatest strength. 


We can also custom-build (or re-build) a new handle or strap to completely replace the old one. Once made, we will dye-to-match the color of your bag to ensure your new strap or handle looks as good as the original.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 10.56.50
louis vuitton purse strap repair before.
louis vuitton purse strap repair after.j

Purse Strapping


Strapping is available in several widths and the colors shown (as well as white). We’ll match the color and width of your original strapping using this strapping as closely as possible. If you would like the color matched exactly, we can custom-dye the white strapping to match the color of your original strapping for an additional charge. All of our strapping is all leather, stitched or folded in at the corners to prevent fraying, and does not have any rubber coating along the edges that will peel off. Our strapping will usually last much longer than the strapping most manufacturers use, which is often glued together and not made from sturdy material.

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